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About us

TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LTD.Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a product-driven pharmaceutical company with diversified expertise. While RPI is relatively new to the US market, it is by no means a new player. As a wholly owned subsidiary of TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. Our product development and manufacturing capability, teamed with our ability to market products in many global markets, makes RPI an attractive business ally. A key part of our business strategy is to collaborate with partners with complementary skills - "A Win-Win" strategy that strengthens the position of our partners as well as RPI. RPI has already experienced commercial success penetrating the US health care market, and looks forward to enhanced growth and future business opportunities through collaboration and strategic alliances.

  •   API Development and Production
  •   Dosage Form Development and
  •   Manufacturing
  •   Contract Manufacturing
  •   Sales and Marketing
  •   Marketing Strategies
  •   Licensing
  •   Dosage Form Development and Manufacturing
    TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LTD.' experience as a global manufacturer makes us aptly suited to take
    on the complex process of solid or liquid dosage form development. At TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LTD,
    we continually reverse engineer to improve upon our development process, enhancing the yield, with a focus on cost efficiencies.

                Sales and Marketing

      TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. has set itself apart in the marketplace by the rapid growth of its productline,its willingness to emulate complex drug formulations, and its core competenciesinanti-infectives,gastrointestinal,cardiovascularandanalgesicsarenas.TAJPHARMACEUTICALSLTD.has a commercial advantage as many of the high-profit branded drugs with expiring patents over the next few years are in the categories where TAJ sPHARMACEUTICALS LTD. has proven its expertise.RPI has a self-contained marketing group that works to co-market products (the same chemical under different brands), and co-promote products (the same brand name carried by two different companies). RPI has marketed their services out to other companies, as they perform all of the steps in the pharmaceutical process - from development and manufacturing to distribution and sales.RPI's commitment to quickly expanding the breadth and depth of their product line has been key to their success in the marketplace.

       Marketing Strategies

    Marketing Strategies as emphasized by the name is the department which is focused primarily on developing and establishing different strategies for the promotion/distribution of Branded/Generic as well as the OTC products for RPI. One of the key tasks for the department is to identify/look out for various opportunities in different markets or channels of distribution and to pursue those opportunities developing and establishing new relationships in the market. Managed Care / Internet marketing are few of the key areas that the department is looking to introduce into their ever expanding products portfolio. The department is headed by DR.C.R.BHATT and together with his team they are dedicated to strive and promote RPI products into the new expanding market horizon.


    RPI prides itself on taking a creative, mutually beneficial approach to licensing arrangements. By being open to both outward and inward licensing opportunities, RPI fulfills unmet needs in the marketplace.

     Contact Manufacturing
    To expand your product line with minimum investment, TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. provides "LOCK KEY" manufacturing services including API and dosage form development, to allow you to focus on marketing and selling the product. This is an efficient way to increase your product line and profit margins, while taking advantage of TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LTD.' manufacturing experience and expertise.
    "Ayurvedic & Herbals Division"
     Api Development and Manufacturing
    For those who want to manufacture their own product or brand, without the time and costs associated with developing the API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient), TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. can provide the API, eliminating this step from your process.
    "Clinical Development Pipeline"
     Drug Master File (DMF)
    Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a largest manufacturing of medicine unit of India. The Company is having minimum 675 Drug Master File (DMF). We are going to do registration of it at worldwide and the people will get quality medicine at minimum rate.
    A Drug Master File (DMF) is a submission to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that may be used to provide confidential detailed information about facilities, processes, or articles used in the manufacturing,
    "Female Beauty Products"