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    Tajpharma New Research

The R & D Center of Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd.is formed by considering the Ultra Model Technology. Till date the world wide Scientist from around 25 countries have visited to our R & D Center Our Company have given technology to open R & D Center in Rasia, U.K. & USA. The Government of any counties or any pharmaceuticals Companies can visit our R& D Center if they desire.

  Vision and Strategy of R&D
Vision and Strategy of R&D At Taj Pharmaceuticals our goal is to create innovative drugs and diagnostic tools for the medicine of tomorrow. Rapid progress in the sciences is providing crucial insights into the underlying molecular mechanisms of disease, opening up new ways for prevention, diagnosis and therapy. With the expertise in Diagnostics and Pharmaceuticals, Taj Pharmaceuticals is best placed to capture  the value from the Healthcare Revolution.
The future will be shaped by fundamental paradigm shifts   ushering in a new era of more effective medicine. Diagnosis, prevention and treatment will be linked more closely than ever before in integrated strategies offering patients and healthcare providers highly focused, individualised care. We are confident that, with our outstanding workforce, cutting-edge science and state-of-the-art technology base,


  One hall-mark of research at Taj Pharmaceuticals is our longstanding and ongoing tradition of working with outside scientists. Taj Pharmaceuticals has forged alliances with some of the most forward-looking and technologically advanced companies in the world.
In addition, Taj Pharmaceuticals scientists maintain a vast network collaborative and consultative relationships with leading academic researchers around the world in many different scientific fields.

       Ethical Principles

 Taj Pharmaceuticals commitment to meeting the highest standard of excellence in all our research activities, including genetic research, extends beyond current national and international   regulations. Living up to these standards is one of our key concerns. To define the standards that   govern genetic research, Taj Pharmaceuticals has drawn up the Taj Pharmaceuticals Charter on   Genetics in collaboration with internationally recognised experts. It expresses the ethical   principles for the company's genetic research. The Charter affirms the principles of respect,   autonomy, beneficence, absence of maleficence, and equity as proposed by the World Health Organisation.

     Key Figures

Index and Main Facts
Global R&D activities of Taj Pharmaceuticals are focused on areas of high unmet medical need in emerging markets. Our highly skilled people discover and develop innovative medicines addressing prevention, diagnosis and therapy to offer physicians and patients integrated healthcare solutions worldwide. With our continuous investment in R&D - we will meet tomorrow's healthcare needs to beat the diseases.